Anton Eine

A powerful gripping rollercoaster rock saga of Christ's second coming into the modern world. Profound, vivid, candid and provocative!

For 2000 years, you have been awaiting my second coming. And now I’ve come back to save humanity, it’s all gone horribly wrong.

I have been reincarnated into the body of Dave Headstrong, a controversial rock singer who has dedicated his life to fighting and debunking the Church – my Church! And to make things worse, this time I’ve come stripped of my divine powers. How can I reveal myself to the world when I'm trapped in this poor deluded mortal’s helpless body? Will anyone believe what I have to say or will they write me off as a madman?

I want to share my story with you in all its joy and sorrow so that you too might partake of my trials and tribulations. Come, walk with me on my journey. Understand my struggles, feel my pain, loneliness and despair and come to know my friendship, love and the bitterness of loss.

I, Jesus, rock star didn't choose this path, but I'm not going to give up. I am ready to fight for the salvation of mankind whatever the cost, even if it means having to do so in the body of this absurd rock musician. Social issues, political conflicts, the venality of religion, a crisis of faith and a lot of very loud heavy rock music – I am willing to go through all of this to complete my mission. So, will you follow me?


1The Fall
2The Rise