Anton Eine

Sincerely yours, Lucifer

Translated by Maria Kornienko

Lucifer, angel, whose name means Light-Bringer, was not banished from Heaven, but rejected his angelic nature himself in order to save the humankind. Since then he is living among us, directing our evolution and fueling the progress, helping us and sharing his knowledge with us.

But are those precious gifts by Lucifer really helpful and harmless or they have brought us even more wars, deaths and devastation?

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My name is Lucifer, and I am an angel. A fallen angel, to be precise.

I am that same Fallen Angel who was glorified and condemned by the countless generations of your ancestors.

They worshipped me, and they spoke my name when cursing their enemies. Tales about me and my Fall have passed through millennia, turning more and more into fiction and lies, distorted to the extent that nothing true has remained in what you know of me now.

I feel I have to tell you the truth so that you can decide for yourselves whether I am worthy of your respect or your contempt. I expect neither your love nor your gratitude, though I deserve each and in full measure. But it is important to me that you know the truth. Knowledge is light, while I am Lucifer, and my name means ‘Light-Bringer’.

Since the very moment of my Fall, I have lived among you, bringing you light.

No, I do not live downstairs, as is commonly thought in your religious subculture, but among you. I live next door.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I should have begun by telling you that my Fall was voluntary. I was not banished from Heaven, but I rejected my angelic nature myself and lost God’s grace in order to live with you like an ordinary mortal. Or, rather, like an ordinary immortal.