Anton Eine

Human Kind

A collection of sci-fi stories

Anton Eine's “Human Kind” is a thematic compilation of science fiction short stories dedicated to questions that have concerned humanity throughout time. Who are we? Where do we come from? What awaits us? Are we alone in the universe? Why can’t we travel in time or divide by zero? What does it mean to be human? And of course – what are we here for?

This collection comprises works in various formats – from flash fiction and short stories to novellas. Funny and witty, kind and appetizing, sad and sometimes tense and disturbing. They are also presented in various different styles ranging from traditional narratives, monologues and memoirs to modern stories in the form of pure dialogue, chat messages or an email thread.

The confession of a fallen angel, the ruthless business practices of corporate aliens, Napoleon in the heat of a decisive battle, experiments on human beings, role-playing games on a planetary scale, fantastic culinary competitions, unexpected future fashions, witch hunt, mysterious disappearances, monsters under the bed, temporal paradoxes, cosmic archeology and the artefacts of extinct civilizations – all this and much more can be found in Anton Eine’s “Human Kind”!

  1. The Cleansing
  2. Post-molecular Comfort Food
  3. The Monster in the Closet
  4. Failure
  5. Plus Ten (+10)
  6. Hephaestus
  7. The Plumber
  8. Sincerely yours, Lucifer
  9. The Pyramids of an Alien World
  10. The Hall of Fame
  11. The Utility Bill
  12. Burn, Witch, Burn!
  13. Our Fathers
  14. The Director's Cut
  15. TechSupport
  16. The Little Black Dress
  17. TimeChat
  18. The Longcut

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Review by Beth van der Pol of

August 7 2020

This collection of short stories contains eighteen separate and unique instalments for lovers of science fiction! The stories are not arranged thematically and are each treated as their own tale. I really enjoyed reading this collection over a cup of coffee in the morning, tackling around one a day, though you could read a few of these in one go and enjoy the experience.

Eine is an author who loves to play with themes, he clearly puts a lot of thought into what he wants each story to say. I found that this collection consistently subverted my expectations and I enjoyed seeing some unique perspectives, the story called 'The Monster in the Closet' was one of my favourite stories that contained a voice that would usually go unheard.

Eine is experimental in his writing style and in some stories he chooses to use only dialogue with no dialogue tag. This would usually make a reader panic but Eine manages to pull off this stylistic choice almost effortlessly. The dialogues are easy to follow and the themes are intriguing.

I recommend this book for readers who enjoy experimental styles, interesting twists and turns, and complex themes and morals. Eine litters some of his stories with religious allegory which was a delight to uncover because some of the crucial dots don't get connected until the end. I have a religious background so I particularly enjoyed these little hints and nudges towards our religious and world history.

A collection is always hard to rate as a whole, I enjoyed some stories more than others but thoroughly enjoyed the whole collection. My favourite stories were The Cleansing, The Monster in the Closet, and The Pyramids of an Alien World, but that's only if I have to pick three.

I must, of course, give credit to both the author and the translators to create these great pieces. If you wanted to add more translated fiction to your list I would have to recommend this one.

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