Anton Eine

The Fall


“The Fall” is the first book of the powerful gripping rollercoaster rock saga of Christ's second coming into the modern world. Profound, vivid, candid and provocative!

For 2000 years, you have been awaiting my second coming. And now I’ve come back to save humanity, it’s all gone horribly wrong.

I have found myself incarnated in the body of Dave Headstrong, a controversial rock singer who has dedicated his life to fighting and debunking the Church – my Church! And to make things worse, this time I’ve come stripped of my divine powers. How can I reveal myself to the world when I'm trapped in this poor deluded mortal’s helpless body? Will anyone believe what I have to say or will they write me off as a madman?

I, Jesus, rock star, didn't choose this path, but I'm not going to give up. I am ready to fight for the salvation of mankind whatever the cost. Social issues, political conflicts, the venality of religion, a crisis of faith, love, hate, betrayal and a lot of loud rock music – I am willing to go through all of this to complete my mission. So, will you follow me?

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Review by Michael

January 1, 2024

I am Christian, for want of a better term. And this books rocks. It raises many of the same questions that I have had when I look at the church and reality. I also love rock music, but music that contains things that are thought provoking. The lyrics by Dave and Steve are though provoking. Actually, this book is thought provoking. But just like of Dave, there will be people who love and hate this book.

One thing that I really enjoyed about this book is the different character perspectives, namely, Dave and Jesus.
When reading this book, I kept an open mind, keen to explore what the Author has to say about the long-awaited return of Jesus, that has been expected at any moment for so long. This return of Jesus is expected in a certain way according to the church. This book blows all these theories out of the water.

This book really is something I have never come across before in writing. I have not read everything, but this is one of the better reads in recent times and I am keen to read the next book.
Highly recommended.

Review by Rosie Amber of RBRT

January 19, 2024

"Done very well"

The story considers the second coming of Jesus in a modern setting with Jesus being sent into the adult body of a rock star who has the reputation of being extremely anti-Christ in his beliefs.

This first book builds up all the background and immerses the reader into the life of Dave Headstrong and his world famous rock band. The complex layers of Dave are peeled back, interspersed with the inner thoughts of Jesus, showing his concerns for this assignment.

The story includes song lyrics, music fan blogger posts, discussion forums and plenty of behind the scenes material that might be associated with a leading rock band.

I don’t read much speculative fiction and the rock world isn’t particularly my scene, but I thought that the book was well-written with good character development and an intriguing story theme. I was also impressed with the translation of this book into English, which was done very well.

Review by Jenny

January 14, 2024

Highly unusual!

An interesting and unusual mix of what, to me, seems to be rock music, speculative fiction and literary fiction. Highly unusual, and well written, also well translated.

I think this would hugely appeal to anyone with an interest in rock music, anyone young who is interested in any form of music, and anyone who has an interest in religious theory - whether for or against it.

As I said, highly unusual!

It is also a long book, and for me it lost a star as I wondered whether a more vigorous editor may have cut it down a bit.

Yet each page was interesting - and I am very glad that I read it. Personally I preferred the narrative to the songs and social media, although other readers may of course differ. This was definitely not a book that could be skim read, with every sentence obviously carefully crafted.

If you like to read something a little different from the norm, then it is well worth giving this book a try!

Review by Andrea

January 8, 2024

"I have been talking a lot about foolish sheep, but I have to admit that sheep are not the worst aspect of humanity. And neither are the wolves that devour these sheep. The worst specimens of all are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They conceal their true selves in the guise of the most innocent lambs. But their fluffy fleeces cannot hide their true identity as the most bloodthirsty predators of all."

And with this quote I understand the idea that Anton Eine is trying to portray here: take the *worst* soul G-d could find, and send Jesus back to get their point across : that at their best humanity has to have someone like David Headstrong to even begin to make them listen.

Yes, the language isn't sugar coated here, more like NC-17. And Headstrong's actions are quite blasphemous according to today's "standards". The question is: will anyone care? Or is this just another person blah blahing their way through life? That's the fascinating part of this story. Even Jesus, incarnate in Dave Headstrong, wonders if this wasn't a mistake. As retired ordained clergy, I loved the irreverence that Eine has but can really see, or believe I see, the "WWJD" attitude.

Anton Eine will be both praised and hated depending on whether you see his point clearly or not. Can you? Recommended 4/5

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