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Programagic Cycle

Welcome to the world of wonders, where magic and technology are one. This is where sorcerers code spells and install them into items and artifacts to imbue them with specific properties.

Magister Sajar Randhar is a seasoned expert in the field of magic security, and one of the best codemages in the Murican Empire. Yet, his work and his passion for state-of-the-art innovations in magic science have been known to lead him into trouble. And sometimes that means having to conduct his own investigations to untangle the most intricate cases.

But there's more to it than danger, chases, or shootouts. Sometimes the solution is far more complex, demanding him to roll up his sleeves and write the code for a particularly sophisticated spell to solve a crime, prevent a potential catastrophe, or save his own life.

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Maze City Stories

She doesn’t wear pink dresses, doesn’t like teddy bears or supersweet creme-filled pastries. She can’t stand capes, masks, hoods, hyperdramatic names and cinematic special effects. And her only superpowers are cynicism and a rather sick sense of humor.

But she’ll do anything for her city. To save its people she’d lay down her life. Or worse – for their sake, she’s even willing to live.

She grew up in Maze City, that improbable multidimensional labyrinth of streets where crime holds sway and violence breaks the weak and tempers the strong. Where law and justice are all too often powerless to maintain order – meaning someone has to take matters into his – or her – own hands.

Samantha Washington is her name. And she doesn’t protect her city because she likes being a superhero. She does it because somebody has to do it. And not just somebody, but her – after all, it’s her job. Her goddamned superjob.

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About Anton Eine

Anton Eine was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1976. Since early childhood, he was passionate about sci-fi novels and short stories, later discovering fantasy and other more modern fantastic fiction genres.

After building his successful carrier in marketing, he decided to let his creativity writing fantastic fiction books to actualize numerous ideas he had in his mind for years.

Anton is passionate about food (yes, and some drinks of course), photography, animals (especially wild cats) and good marketing.

Author of short sci-fi stories "The Cleansing", "Sincerely Yours, Lucifer", "Plus Ten", "My New Superjob", "Post-molecular Comfort Food" and others.

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